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Our Story

Welcome to Mahogany Sunset Co.


About Mahogany Sunset Co.

Mahogany Sunset Co. creates unique handcrafted products for your home to compliment your lifestyle. We focus on charcuterie boards, home décor and workshops.

Morgan Ranney

Founder | Creative Lead

Mahogany Sunset Co. was created in early 2020 when Morgan found her love and passion for woodworking. Receiving her first scroll saw was the beginning of a creative journey in the world of woodworking and home décor. This inspired her to spread her love of the craft with others. 


Morgan began her art career at Nipissing University where she accomplished a bachelor's degree of Fine Arts. She has been spreading the importance of creativity within her instructing positions at various organizations since graduating in 2017. 

Morgan created Mahogany Sunset Co. to provide a space for people to learn a new skill, develop their growing knowledge of their creativity and simply finding happiness in unique handcrafted products. 

When Morgan is not in her shop and studio creating, you can find her enjoying a glass of wine with her two sisters on the farm with the pups. 

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