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How to Maintain Your Charcuterie Board

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

I LOVE showing up to a gathering with a fully stocked charcuterie board! Meats and Cheeses and Crackers... OH MY!

As most things we own, we must keep our boards clean and conditioned. There are just four easy steps to keep your wooden charcuterie board looking fresh and new. When creating your charcuterie boards I use a product called Walrus Oil. They are a quality plant-based and vegetarian product that gives back to nature -- Yes that's right, you heard me right, these guys not only provide a quality food-safe product but they give back to our planet by donating profits to environmental and tree planting programs. For my Canadian friends,I will link where I purchase Walrus Oil at the end of this blog.

One of the key factors when choosing an oil and wax you must consider is if it is food safe. You are looking for a product that is 100% food safe and is free of toxins and synthetics. Most hardware stores sell a food-safe oil specifically made for wood products.

You can use your chosen oil on all kinds of kitchen products such as:

  • Cutting Boards

  • Butcher Blocks

  • Charcuterie Boards

  • Wooden Bowls, Spoons, and Knives

4 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Clean

Thoroughly clean your charcuterie board with lukewarm water and soap using a lint free cloth. Set aside to dry.

Step 2: Sand

Sand cutting board to a smooth surface using either sand paper by hand or with an orbital sander.

Step 3: Oil and Wax

Once sanded, apply a thin layer of your cutting board oil. Follow the instructions on the bottle's label. I apply a cutting board wax to my products as well. This creates added protection against water and will make your board really shine! - follow the instructions on the chosen wood wax container - buff in your product once dry.

Step 4: Dry

Once your board is dry and the wax has been buffed in, you are ready to use your charcuterie board again! Remember to never place your wooden board in the dishwasher and to always use lukewarm or cold water when rinsing.

Here are the links where I purchase the Walrus Oil Cutting board finishes:

(For my Canadian Friends)

Rusty Design Canada:

Lee Valley Tools:

(If you would like to purchase directly from Walrus Oil)

Other Recommendations:

Howard Butcher Block & Cutting Board Oil - Home Hardware

Watco Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner - Canadian Tire

Until next time friends!

- Morgan

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2 comentários

Nancy Thrasher Ranney
Nancy Thrasher Ranney
10 de jan. de 2022

Great information for my Boards. Can hardly wait for more Blogs

10 de jan. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank you! Keep posted, more coming soon!

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