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Where It All Started

#TBT: To My Very First Charcuterie Board

A little Throwback to my first charcuterie board I ever made...

I have always loved creating! After I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Nipissing University I had a hard time finding my way in the art world...

I am at my happiest working with my hands. Always have been. Drawing, painting, sculpting.. you name it!

University was a safe bubble. A bubble I was free to create in. I had a purpose and a reason why. Upon graduating I found it difficult to find the purpose behind my work. There were no more assignments and grading... no mandatory classes. When leaving school, finding a job in your field can be daunting. An expectation to immediately jump into my field of study and be successful. Truth be told, the reality behind these expectations is quite opposite to where I thought I would be. Though hoping to continue my art in my career, I ended up working 9-5 jobs in retail or behind a computer. Though all of these jobs had given me new skill sets and created many amazing friendships, I was not practicing what I love. When my desk job suddenly came to an end I had to take a moment to figure out what my next steps were going to be. The reality was... I already knew. While taking a couple months off I began to explore the world of woodworking.

I moved from the city to a farm property my parents had purchased years ago up north. This move brought many new chapters in my life. I moved in with my two sisters to the farm and

began experimenting with woodworking in the shop we have on the property. The root of my new adventure is not only fuelled by my heart begging to dip into the creative process of making but my family. My family has brought unparalleled support to my new adventure and in my opinion are one of the keys to my success.

Christmas of 2020 I received my first scroll saw from my boyfriend Dan. -- And every celebration since I have been gifted the support through tools... though I have to say he does not complain! Instead of browsing the malls in clothing and jewellery stores, he gets to spend his time during the holiday seasons in his favourite toylands... Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Princess Auto!

With a fully stocked shop with new tools and old... I created my first Charcuterie Board! With each board I have failed, succeeded and failed again. Each day I learn something new... whether it be behind the scenes of my new business or in the shop, I am always learning. This new found passion is a long road -- a road I am excited yet nervous to explore. I know there will be losses and I know there will be wins -- that is the beauty of starting something new.

2022 brings a new year, new projects and new goals. I am excited to share with you my progress as I continue to create and learn.

My goals for this year are:

  1. Enter and attend artisan shows

  2. Launch DIY workshop videos

  3. Continue to learn

It is going to be a busy year and I am ready!



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